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Newcastle United 2011-2012 Schedule of Fixtures

As Robert said earlier we're not allowed to share, you know, facts with you. I can't even tell you the dates of any matches, but you can follow Robert's link to the schedule if you'd like. What I CAN do however is wax poetic on what difficult stretches we might face in the coming season. Which is what I'll do after the jump.

We start the season against Arsenal at home then play the away half of the Tyne Wear Derby. Should be a good two match jolt to see what we're really all about. Then we'll have a stretch of five very winnable matches before Tettenham comes to St. James' Park. I think those five will be very important matches to the entirety of our season. One of Newcastle's major issues last season was an inability to put away teams that they were supposed to beat. If NUFC can get that monkey off their back in that first stretch of five matches that should be winnable, it would bode very well for the season.

We have two matches after Tottenham that I would classify as winnable for us. Then comes the second big gut check stretch of the season. Everton (H), ManC (A), ManU (A), Chealsea (H), ouch. These are followed by a couple of bounce back matches versus the Newly Promoted, but what I'm hoping is that by this point in the season the club has developed a can do attitude and enters that stretch of four looking to win games.

In January we will have to face ManU and  without our African players like Cheik Tiote, as they'll be gone for the Africa Cup of Nations. Spring, however, will see a more steady series of games, with the toughies interspersed instead of gathered in groups. I should be said that Newcastle's March will start with the home half of the Derby. And we'll be finishing the season on the road this year, with the final game in Goodison Park.