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CHN Community Player Ratings: Tim Krul

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This is part of a series where we'll review the 2010-11 season player by player, then give you an opportunity to grade each player yourself. Voting is still open for Steve Harper.

Tim Krul (23) is considered by many (though certainly not all) to be Newcastle's goalkeeper of the future. The Toon Army got a taste of that future in 2010-11, as Krul was forced into duty as a result of a shoulder injury - and later a knee injury - to Steve Harper. He made 25 appearances for the club, 21 of them in league play, and recently earned his first cap for the Netherlands as well. His spell as the #1 keeper has reportedly made him power-hungry; one source has him demanding a transfer if he's not GK1 on the depth chart come August. Whether or not he actually holds these sentiments is up for debate, but what's not in question is that Krul's solid play coupled with Harper's declining skillset have given Alan Pardew something to ponder this summer.

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Tim Krul is not the biggest keeper out there, but he plays bigger than his 6'2" frame and has good shot-stopping skills. On the flip side, he has trouble at times knowing when to be aggressive and his distribution is by far his weakest characteristic. Is he capable of playing at a high level for 40+ games?

High Point of the Season

Newcastle 1, Arsenal 0 - A terrific team performance - on the back of the 5-1 derby win, to boot - inspired by the keeper. A spectacular save against Samir Nasri late in the first half kept them in it, making Andy Carroll's stoppage time score that much more meaningful. He was confident, directing traffic and taking charge when necessary. He even completed 21 of 35 passes, including several shorties. This game was one of those glimpses that makes you believe that maybe we've got something here after all.

Low Point of the Season

West Bromwich Albion 3, Newcastle 1 - Arguably the low point of the season for the whole team; it would be foolish to pin the loss on Krul, but his performance certainly didn't help. The Flying Dutchman twice made the ill-advised decision to challenge the shooter, and twice he was made to pay. In addition, only 1 of his 36 pass attempts was a safe pass to a defender, with all of the others blind boots to the other side. In other words, all of Krul's weaknesses were exposed in this one game. When your defenders are off their game, it's nice if the keeper can step up and provide cover for them. It didn't happen here.

Basic Statistics

Games: 21 (6-7-8)

Saves: 59 (63.4 SV PCT, 21st in Prem)

Goals Scored Against: 35 (1.67 GAA, 14th in Prem)

Clean Sheets: 4