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Newcastle Reportedly Misses Out on Two Targets

Is Insomnia headed to Aston Villa?
Is Insomnia headed to Aston Villa?

A couple of transfer rumors to update you on, one more sure than the other.  I'm so happy that the club is playing football tomorrow.

Neil Taylor signs new Swansea City contract | BBC Sport

Yes, I was flattered by Newcastle's interest and I spoke to them after Swansea gave me permission. I think most players would because they are a massive club and I was interested to see what they had to say...But if I was desperate to go, I would have pushed for it, but I know I've got everything going for me here at Swansea.

According to Neil Taylor, he didn't push for a transfer to Newcastle, which certainly explains why the Premier League set up an arbitration hearing at the behest of Taylor's lawyers. Basically, he took a look at the situation, realized that there was a non-zero chance that the arb board could rule in favor of Swansea, and signed a new deal because he didn't want to go back to his native Wales as a goat. Probably.

Villa to win N'Zogbia race | Yahoo! Eurosport
Aston Villa signing Charles N'Zogbia seemed like a certainty once the Stewart Downing sale was announced. I'm disappointed, as I was on board with welcoming him back, but I'd rather Pardew worry about a striker anyway.  At least that's what I'll tell myself as I'm crying into my pillow tonight.  We'll update more when there's official word, as it appears to be all hearsay at the moment.