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CHN Links: American Tour Edition

Newcastle has already had a practice in Kansas City (photo gallery here, if you're into that sort of thing), and it's only two days before the US tour starts in earnest.  As mentioned numerous times in this space, Reno and I will both be at the Sporting Kansas City match, and we're going to provide as much coverage as we can muster, starting with a preview tomorrow.  If you're going and you're interested in meeting up with us, see this FanPost.  A couple of Newcastle news nuggets can be found after the jump.

Yohan Cabaye out of US trip amid visa issue | ChronicleLive
Yohan Cabaye is the third player to miss out on the trip to the US, this time due to a technicality. The news has prompted some rather bizarre responses in the blogosphere. Everybody: relax. Ideally, Cabaye would be on the trip, but he's not, and life goes on. Meanwhile, we'll get to have a look at some of the fringe midfielders, which is great due to the sheer amount of depth there.

NUFC captain Coloccini rejects talk of move | JournalLive
I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly worried about Fabricio Coloccini leaving. It is sort of cool that he's working on his English to be a better captain. The biggest development, in my mind, is this:

And while he says his captaincy will be different from Nolan – he intends, for example, to lead by example rather than becoming too ‘hands on’ – he is prepared to approach the challenge with commitment.

Soderberg seeks loan switch | Sky Sports
Not a bad idea; in fact, one wonders why such Ole Soderberg hasn't been loaned out already. Maybe Pardew is trying to keep him around in case he receives a decent offer for one of the other three keepers?