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CHN Links: We're Still Allowed to Tweet Edition

Cheik Tiote is trapped in Ghana because of (you guessed it) a visa issue.  Will he escape before August 13?
Cheik Tiote is trapped in Ghana because of (you guessed it) a visa issue. Will he escape before August 13?

As I'm compiling this I'm hearing reports of a Gabriel Obertan signing, so I'm going to try to confirm that and then write it up....

Twitter row: Newcastle United issue legal warning to players | BBC Sport

"The problem I have with Twitter is that people are twittering in an emotional state," said Pardew. "Putting something out instantly can be very, very, damaging - not only to a football club but to any organisation."


Pardew added: "It's in breach of contract if you are criticising the owner, the masseur, a player, anyone at the football club. Giving out injury news causes problems too.

Twitter just got less interesting by a mile...

Follow the jump for more on Newcastle United.

Transfer no-go frustrates NUFC boss Pardew | ChronicleLive

On the first day [Barton] was in, he would have trained with the development group, but they had a game at Gateshead so he trained with a fitness trainer. Yesterday he trained with the development group, and that is where he will continue to train until such time as this all gets resolved, we all calm down and Joey decides what he wants to do. - Alan Pardew

Pardew is quite a spin doctor, isn't he?  Still, it looks like both sides are at least hinting that they don't want to part ways.  These guys need to get together, make a joint public statement, and move on.  On the other hand...

@Joey7Barton | Twitter

QOTD: Silence is the mother of truth-Benjamin Disraeli

I suppose this is why he continues to run his mouth?

Newcastle manager Pardew keeping his cool | ChronicleLive
Contained within this article is news about Cheik Tiote, who still hasn't resolved his visa issue with the Ghanaian government. It's probably not time to worry yet, but if it's not resolved over the weekend, we may have full-blown panic on our hands.

O's sign Magpies youngster on loan | Sky Sports
Michael Richardson has been loaned to Leyton Orient for one month.

Why Joey Barton is clear winner of Toon Twit farce and Wales CAN make the 2014 World Cup |
I'm still trying to figure out why Robbie Savage is allowed to disseminate his misguided opinions.