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CHN Links: One Week Until QPR Edition

Keep it on, please!
Keep it on, please!

Let's catch up with the latest Newcastle United news from around the web:

NUFC fans criticise Mike Ashley's strip show | ChronicleLive
There's no way I'm going to link to the original story and give that publication more hits, but I feel like this should be addressed. On one hand, I can see how the resulting backlash is a little bit unfair to Ashley. Apparently his employees liked it, as it showed he wasn't too serious and they all had a laugh. On the other hand, he represents this club, and it's embarrassing. He represents the club, and it would be nice to get some positive press once in a while. The timing of all this is pretty poor as well.

QPR new boy Joey Barton predicts Newcastle exodus | The Sun
I think it's time for Joey to shut up about NUFC.

Yohan Cabaye can't wait to take on Joey Barton | JournalLive
Really a pretty perfect way to handle this whole situation.

Rob Elliot to be on bench for match at QPR | ChronicleLive
As expected. Wonder when - if ever - Steve Harper will be back.

Abbott wants to keep Tavernier | Sky Sports
Don't see anything wrong with letting Tav stay out on loan a little longer.

Club Lingerie In Shops |
So...this is real, apparently.  Maybe Mike Ashley's show was a publicity stunt for the release of this new line?