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It's Three Question Thursday!

Three Question Thursday!
Three Question Thursday!

So the holiday break completely threw me off my mojo-- but Three Question Thursday is back with avengeance!

It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Three Question Thursday where you get to play make believe and give your opinion on pressing matters within the club! Here's how we play Three Question Thursday: After the jump, you will find three (3) questions. Read these questions. A little lower down, you will find the comment section - take a moment, formulate your answers and type them into the comment box. Next, push the Post button- it's that simple! Let's play the game!

Question # 1:

    A) Ronaldo

    B) HBA

    C) Maradona

    Question # 2: Do you believe the last 4 games have constituted a return to form (or at least close)? Why or why not?

    Question # 3: How would you get 'arry to shut his mouth about our players? (try to keep it clean)