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Newcastle United Monday Links: Great Weekend Edition

Yohan's message to the FA-- Chill... settle down... it was nothing.
Yohan's message to the FA-- Chill... settle down... it was nothing.

Well.. We've all had a day to pick ourselves up, dust off and get on about our business of not winning silverware for yet another year. I never thought I'd be looking forward to a match v. Blackburn, but I am, if only to have a different performance to think about... kinda like the Improv-a-ganza game "New Choice". Anyway, we're heading into the last two days of they transfer window and many of the same old rumors have crept up... some of which we'll see in the short links below, and some not. One of those that will not be appearing in story form suggests that the former number 9 shirt makes a return to Tyneside with Demba Ba going the other way.... Ummm... No. Just no. So- let's take the jump and get into a little bit of Monday news.

Pardew: Loss of key players is hitting us hard - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

"This is an important period for us as we know if we can take three or four points out of the next two games and the core of the team returns, who knows? "No Coloccini, no Demba and no Cheick Tiote – plus no Papiss Cisse, that is a big hole for any side. "I am sure if we had had them at Brighton they would have made the difference – 100%."

We as a club made it through 2 weeks without using the ACON excuse... and now that we've crashed out of the cup, I guess now is as good a time as any. My irritation with this combined with the fact that we should have enough quality in the side to defeat Brighton without these players... I'm not voting very high in the fan confidence poll just right this moment.

Yohan Cabaye's raised hackles add to Newcastle United pain at Brighton | Football | The Guardian

"I've seen it again," El-Abd said, "and I think it was frustration on his part. He had a little kick out at me. Cabaye caught me. I'm a big boy and I can deal with it. But I think he knew what he was doing and that's for the ref to decide. "The ref said to me at the time that he was going to have a look at it again on the monitor. It was pretty clear and the ref could see I had blood on my lip. It didn't magic itself on to my lip. It happened because his boot, his stud, was in my face."

We all saw it, and it was a talking point when it happened. I think Yohan's going to get done for this one... and he probably should. You can't kick out like he did regardless. Never mind that El-Abd was winding up our players all match and such. You just can't kick out no matter how frustrated you are.

Alan Pardew standing firmly by Yohan Cabaye - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Pardew today accused broadcasters ESPN of blowing the incident out of proportion. He told the Chronicle: "I thought it was unfair. "The guy was coming towards him and he was trying to keep him away. "There’s no malice in that. "I’m disappointed that the TV highlight that, I really am."

This is of course the defense that the club will have... at the end of the day, Yohan still kicked his legs out, and they ended up in El-Abd's face. I'll be surprised if FA sanctions are not forthcoming.

Tiote warning to Newcastle fans (From The Northern Echo)

He said: "It helps us that Senegal are out because they have a lot of good players. We have to think about that. It shows the African Cup is different. It’s not like the Premiership or the French league. It’s very difficult. " We have to stay focused and if we do that we can win. "Before the tournament Demba said to me that I would be back before him, but now he has to go back and I’m still at the Cup of Nations. " It’s good for Newcastle because they’ve two great strikers, but they’ll have to wait for me."

Cheik, I'd rather you come back. I'm sure you can find the remainder of our PL slate to be very difficult as well. Oh, and good luck to your national team.

BBC Sport - Newcastle United's Alan Smith signs for MK Dons

Smith is reportedly one of Newcastle's highest earners and it has been claimed that Dons will pay in the region of £2,500 per week towards the former England international's £60,000 wages, with his parent club continuing to fund the rest. "I would publicly like to thank Alan Pardew and Newcastle United for going the extra mile to help us complete this deal," added Robinson.

... We all saw Alan Smith moving in the window. I saw him going permanently somewhere, but whatever destination and permanent or not, we all would have been hoping for a much better deal for the Toon.. MK Dons are paying £2500 of £60,000 weekly wage? I have to confess I'm a bit baffled on this one. Very un-Ashley like move... and I'm disappointed in it. Par for the course for the weekend, I guess.

I'll be a little out of touch today, but I'll try to throw any transfer window stories up if I can and if they come... otherwise, have a lovely Monday.