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CHN Predictions League: Blackburn Rovers vs. Newcastle United

The CHN Predictions League got off to a great start last week as all participants scored at least a point, but we have an early frontrunner. This is only our second game to do this, so if you've missed out, it's not too late to climb up the table. Here's how it works:

  • Before each game, predict the winner (or you can predict a draw), the final score, and goalscorers. The deadline will be 5 minutes before kick-off (in this case, 1800 GMT on Wednesday). Predictions must be made in the designated thread or they do not count.
  • Predicting the outcome correctly will give you 1 point.
  • Predicting the exact score will give you 5 points. Failing to predict the exact score but getting the total number of goals correct will give you 1 point, as will predicting one half of the score.
  • If you predict a goalscorer correctly, you earn 2 points. You may not pick more scorers than you did goals in order to hedge your bets. (In other words, if you predict a 1-0 score, you can only choose one scorer.)
  • Standings will be posted each week.
  • I have no plans to award prizes at this time, but we may do some contests with prizes in the future for special games, such as the derby.

Follow the jump for this week's standings update, then jump in and make your picks.


Coldson - 7 pts

bcschles - 4

Robert L. Bishop - 3

lowellthehammer - 2

johnjahafanclub - 2

BetterDeadThanRed - 2

Other Side of the Pillow - 2

Pradajames - 1

Rockets4LIFE - 1

You cannot win if you do not play.