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Transfer Rumor of the Day: Benjamin Corgnet, Defensive Midfield

Alan Pardew is watching you.  Transfer Rumor of the Day!
Alan Pardew is watching you. Transfer Rumor of the Day!

As part of our coverage of the Transfer Window, Coming Home Newcastle have decided to highlight a Rumor of the Day. We'll start today, and as the title suggests, the rumor today involves Benjamin Corgnet. We'll discuss his career path and stats after the jump. I've decided to stop here because the previous "Newcastle United have tabled a bid" rumor was in fact for a player that doesn't exist... so we'll try to avoid imaginary players in our Rumor of the Day. Alright-- let's check out the story that is bringing Benjamin Corgnet to our attention:

Newcastle United Make Offer for Dijon Schemer Benjamin Corgnet

Newcastle United have made an offer for Dijon midfielder Benjamin Corgnet, but the French outfit wish to keep the 24-year-old until the end of the season.

Name: Benjamin Corgnet

Position: Defensive Midfield/Attacking Midfield

Age: 24

Foot: Right

Height: 5' 11"

Nationality: French

Professional Debut: July 30, 2010, Coupe de Ligue for Dijon

  • Although he is listed primarily as a Defensive Midfielder, it appears that his club (Dijon, Ligue 1) are playing him primarily in an offensive midfield/withdrawn striker position (kind of like we envision the 4-4-1-1 when Ba and Ben Arfa play). He seems to be a sort of Jason Prior story as prior to his signing with Dijon in July of 2010, he was playing in the second division of amateur football in France (essentially their 5th division.) It seems that maybe they didn't know exactly what they had. As an attacking midfielder this season, he has scored 7 goals in 18 matches.
  • It appears that he is a little bit of a change-up as a midfielder in Pardew's system. He is reportedly strong in the air, and dribbles well while passing and tackling are not his strong suit at all.
  • You can view one of his goals (Ligue 1 Round 5 v. Lyon) here. (Apologies for the adverts...)
  • It seems like this one is a futures purchase... having just established himself as a professional at age 23, it looks like Dijon are really trying to figure out what they have. He has played D-mid, center mid and attacking mid all within the space of 18 months. What I do know is that he has gone from unknown 18 months ago to a £3.1 price tag according to
  • I don't see a direct correlation in the current squad... perhaps a Yohan Cabaye without the passing wizardry or a slightly more defensive minded Hatem Ben Arfa? Whatever role he is expected to play, it seems that, despite his age, he's got loads of potential to grow in front of him. We've had an offer of (reportedly) £4.5m declined, but I'm thinking we go after him again. Dijon would like to hold him until the end of the year, but I think that with interest also coming from Lyon, we'll make a hard play to get him now.
  • Probability of transfer: 60/40 he comes.