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Newcastle Lose "Worst Sponsor Announcement" Contest

In the 10 days give or take since the announcement of Wonga as Newcastle United's jersey sponsor and corporate partner, much noise has been made on the worst. sponsor. evar. front... but maybe ours is not the worst announcement of the last 10 days.

Apologies for the extended absence- a terrible sporting weekend for me left me with a several day hangover. The USMNT's mostly excellent showing v. a Guatemala team that I harbor poor feelings towards anyway helped a great deal... and perhaps an adult beverage or two may have also. At any rate, I'm back in the saddle and ready to focus on the makems... after this little installment of "at least it wasn't us... for once".

Players on a cash-strapped Greek soccer team now wear pink practice jerseys with the logos "Villa Erotica" and "Soula's House of History," two bordellos it recruited as sponsors after drastic government spending cuts left the country's sports clubs facing ruin.


So yeah- Wonga is probably not going to make any Toon fan's Top Five Dream Sponsors list, but it appears that it could certainly be worse. Granted it is an amateur side in Greece- but it's finally not us!