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Xisco Scores Hat Trick in Reserves Match

Yes, really.

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Search: "Xisco" - No images found
Credit: Wikimedia

Newcastle striker Francisco Jimenez Tejada - known simply as Xisco - scored a hat trick for the Newcastle U21s Monday against Stoke City. The 26 year-old, £5.7 million striker was one of three overage players donning the black and white stripes, playing against a side that had no players with any Premier League appearances to their names. Newcastle won the match 5-1, with James Tavernier and Mehdi Abeid scoring the other two goals for the Toon. Xisco was removed in the 73rd minute.

Reserves manager Willie Donachie had the following to say about his forward:

Xisco deserved his goals because of his attitude, because of his enthusiasm and work and so that was really rewarding for the team, really: to see Xisco coming in and having a good attitude. Those experienced players can come and think they're too good and don't want to work, but Xisco was spot on and deserved his goals.

[NUFC Official Site]

It's now time to start stacking up on canned goods, firearms, and reading material. The seventh seal has been opened and the rider on the white horse is on his way. The apocalypse is nigh.

Seriously, though, congratulations to Xisco. There's no doubt he's been a disappointment as a signing, but to his credit he doesn't complain in the press or on Twitter or take his frustrations out at the night club. Could first team opportunities be on the way?