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CHN Predictions League: Newcastle United vs. West Ham United

Who will win? Who will score? Tell us below.

Mike Hewitt

Predictions League is back! Here are the rules, if you'd like to play:

  • Before each Newcastle United match, predict the match winner (you may of course select "draw"), final score, and who the goal scorers will be. Also, make a choice on the prop bet (see below).
  • Deadline is five minutes before kickoff.

Points are assigned as follows:

  • Correct winner = 2 points
  • Correct score = 5 points (so correct score + correct winner = 7 total points)
  • 1/2 of correct score = 1 point
  • Predict total # of goals correctly = 1 point
  • Each goalscorer predicted correctly = 4 points
  • Each goalscorer predicted incorrectly = -1 point
  • Prop bet = +/- 1 point

A clarification on the last part: You don't lose points for failing to predict that Jonas Gutierrez would score in a given week. However, choosing Papiss Cisse will result in loss of a point if he fails to score. Your total score may not dip below 0 in any given week. The winner(s) of each round will get a point added to their total in the table.

This week's prop bet:

Over/Under 9.5 completed passes between Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan