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Happy Christmas from Coming Home Newcastle

It's the end of another year... It started out with such a bang for the Toon and is going out with a whimper. There'll be another year, though, and the Toon will be in it!

Matthew Lewis

Select your favorite holiday greeting (or ignore all holiday greetings) as appropriate to you and your friends and family! It's been quite a year for Newcastle United and by extension for us here at CHN. Just wanted to extend a hearty thank you to all of our new friends, all of our friends who have been along for a couple of years now (that we haven't chased off somehow) and any friends out there that we don't quite yet know who are saying to themselves "I sure wish I had a nice, laid back place to get in some banter about my favorite football club, I just don't know where that's at" (it's here! Jump in! I'll only disagree with you a little bit, I promise.). We've got a rough end to the holiday programme and a Cabaye-and-Tiote-less January to look forward to... if we all hug a little, we may just make it.

At any rate, thanks to the commentariat, the readers, the lurkers, Robert and SBN for this wonderful venue to spout off about the only English football team I can truly love. A present to you all: