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Arsenal Match Commentary BINGO!

It's the holiday programme and the matches come quickly- here's a game to help make the Arsenal match sufferable (hopefully).

You could win this.  Ok, not really.
You could win this. Ok, not really.
Harold Cunningham

Unlike their opposition for this weekend's match, Newcastle United will have had precious little time to lick their wounds and heal their paper thin squad from the mid-week 4-3 defeat to that massive massive club in the northwest. You may recall that Arsenal have not played midweek due to a tube strike, thus getting a certain degree of fixture relief that may just feel a touch unfair to 18 other clubs who were not gifted a similar opportunity. At any rate, a hobbling Newcastle team will take the pitch against a fully-rested and healthy Arsenal squad, and regardless how many positives you want to take from the midweek match at Old Trafford, optimism for a decent result here is going to be scant. Accordingly, I give you this to occupy your mind - you know... if you need it.

I give you Newcastle United v. Arsenal Commentary BINGO! Below you will find a standard BINGO board - feel free to print it out. I have populated it with a number of phrases that I believe are can't miss regardless who is calling the match. This game of BINGO should be like taking candy from the proverbial baby. The object of the game is standard- connect 5 squares across or diagonal. If I have managed this correctly, however, one lucky winner (or all of you.. whatever) will win this game of BINGO with the coveted "blackout", meaning that every single square will be filled! Fabulous prizes for all!

Without further ado, your NEWCASTLE UNITED V. ARSENAL COMMENTARY BINGO! (Good Luck- you probably won't need it, though!)


Sir Alex Ferguson

Mike Ashley 8-year contract Arsenal Goal Ba to Arsenal
"No new deal for Ba" Mike Dean Evans OG offside Ba to PSG £2.5 million to the player
strengthen squad failed to buy over summer £7.5 million Squad depth poor form
Likely to leave NUFC Ba to Galatasaray fail to follow up on 11-12 season Pardew ref shove/suspension Newcastle/disappointing
Release clause in Demba Ba contract "The Rangers FC" drop/relegation zone Lead league in long balls Wee club