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Here's A Little New Year Present For You All

Against all logic, we as humans tend to look at the beginning of a new calendar year as a new beginning of any sort. I'll try to embrace this attitude.

Clive Mason

I feel badly about my reaction to the Arsenal match.* I feel that it was needlessly negative and may have left a bitter taste in the collective mouth of you, the readers.** It's New Year's Eve, and tomorrow will be magically different and a chance for everything to be better, wrongs of 2012 righted and whatnot.*** Mike Ashley will have seen the light and will strengthen the squad in the January window.****

So in the spirit of all that, I give you this video of hope! I know it's not customary to give New Year presents, but I'm going to start today. You can join in if you want.

* No, I don't.

** No, it didn't.

*** No, it won't.

**** No, he won't.