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Newcastle United Friday Links: "We find that 9 out of 10 blog readers can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and The Links"

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Greetings, sports fans! It's Friday and we're nearly half-way through the long, dark tea time of the soul (no relation) that is this most recent opportunity for Mike Ashley to piss people off two week break in the fixtures. Thank goodness. It does bear mentioning, however, that the Newcastle United WFC and Reserves are both in cup action this weekend. I'm not certain on any potential coverage, but I'll try to keep information fresh. The links are fairly short today, so you can have a coffee (or tea) and move on with your day quickly :) Happy Friday!

St James graffiti on Newcastle United's ground in protest at St James' Park sign removal for Sports Direct logo - Telegraph

Yeah... if you didn't see this happening... #StJamesParkForever

‘We have 13 cup finals’, says Newcastle United chief - Newcastle United - Shields Gazette

"We’ll be ready to go again next week – we’ve got 13 cup finals between now and the end of the season," Pardew told the Gazette. "I’ve given the players the weekend off. They’ll rest and do what they’ve got to do, and Papiss (Demba Cisse) will be able to bring a few more clothes to Newcastle!

Hyperbole! Excellent. I understand that the message is that each match is of great importance... but I'm relatively certain none of them will bring silverware to St. James'.

Taylor happy with Pardew's dressing-room authority (From The Northern Echo)

"There's no one in the dressing room on the scale of Kevin and Joey," said Taylor, who should be fit to return from a leg injury when the Magpies entertain Wolves a week on Saturday. "They were quite vocal, but I think as a team for some reason it just seems to work better. "The manager has taken over from the likes of Kevin and Joey and that's how it should be."He's your manager and, if things aren't going well, he's the man you want to pull you aside. It's always nice when he is giving you compliments, but you have to take some criticism as well."

I liked Chris Hughton... and I'm thankful for what he did for this club. I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other about the "players committee", but I don't think that anyone can argue the success of the way Alan Pardew runs the locker room.

Newcastle boss backs Vuckic to be a hit at Cardiff - Football - Shields Gazette

"I really want to play," he said. "I know Newcastle is my first team, but if I get chance to play for Cardiff on loan until the end of the season, that would be great. "I’ve found it (the Championship) a little bit harder than the Premier League. In the Premier League, I had more time. Here, they tackle you straight away. "You have to switch on and the mentality is totally different. Everybody works hard. It’s harder, but I’ll get used to it."

I hope that Haris' playing takes the quantum shift forward that people are predicting. He and Mehdi Abeid are clearly the central midfield of the future, and that future could be much sooner than anyone could anticipate if the two 19-year-olds get up to speed between now and the end of the season. - Coloccini: I've never regretted staying

The central defender undoubtedly feels at home in Newcastle, where the fans - "truly impressive," according to Coloccini - have taken him to their heart, and he already wears the captain’s armband. "That’s a real honour and something I’m proud of," he said. "Having this privilege is a little complicated though, first because I’m a foreigner, and secondly because my English still isn’t perfect. That’s why I view it as a gift to be enjoyed to the full. I try to fulfil my captain’s duties as best I can to drive the team on."

This was a fun read about Captain Colo... I feel like maybe I've read a similar article somewhere along the line, but there are several good quotes in it from Fabricio.

And that, as they say, is the news. Have a great Friday, and we'll all meet back here at an undetermined time later on!