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Newcastle United Monday Links: Sponsored by The Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things

Returning to a pitch near you, Mr. Yohan Cabaye!
Returning to a pitch near you, Mr. Yohan Cabaye!

Happy Monday- we're back in game week! A special congratulations to the ladies of NUWFC who advanced both squads to the semifinals of the NFA Women's Cup. The news is pretty thin today... Predictably, St. James' Park keeps reappearing on St. James' Park, and if you're following along on the Twitters, there are some intriguing ideas regarding some legal, non removable methods to put the words up yet again. I can only figure that this is going to continue... a staring match between the supporters and the owner.

In other news, Demba Ba has a £7m release clause.

St. James' Park

BBC News - Second St James' graffiti incident at Newcastle United

Northumbria Police said in a statement: "At 6.30pm on Sunday 19 February police received a report of criminal damage at the Newcastle United ground. "Between 5pm and 6.05pm someone had vandalised a wall of the stadium. "Anyone with information is asked to contact police."

"Anyone with information is asked to contact police"... yeah... good luck with that.

Newcastle United Appear To Step Up Stadium Security - Tyne and Wear

She said: "If Virgin Money are able to put their hands in their back pockets and rebrand the stadium St James’ Park again they would immediately get new customers. "They would get the respect and loyalty of the fans for preserving the name of St James’ Park."

On the original point, surely there is some sort of security presence on site 24/7 at St. James' Park, so that's probably not new. New will be when they increase the patrol to 4 or 6 persons to ensure view of all of the external surfaces.

On the second point, whoever can wrap their heads around the concept that paying to NOT put your name on a stadium could be one of the most brilliant business moves relative to Newcastle and the surrounding areas would capitalize on an admittedly bizarre idea.

The Fans

NUFC fans are still the ace up St James' sleeve - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

"I’m sure they sat down at the start of the season like most Premier League clubs and their first aim was to avoid relegation," he said. "Everybody’s thinking, ‘Where are we going to finish?’ but I don’t see any reason why Newcastle can’t qualify for Europe after the start they’ve made to the season." The ace up Newcastle’s sleeve is the fans, says Bracewell. He said: "Having played there I know what it’s like. "The commitment you show sort of projects onto the terraces, and vice versa. The fans will back you all the way."

The supporters of Newcastle United have nothing if not a supreme passion and devotion to their club. Especially as a Yank, it is unique and awesome to view and be part of.

Danny Guthrie

Danny Guthrie warns United to be on their guard - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

"There’s not too much damage done. The scoreline doesn’t look great, but we’ll make up for that." With Yohan Cabaye and Cheick Tiote back from suspension and international duty respectively, Guthrie has a scrap on his hands just to play against Wolves. "I’ve put my marker down, and the manager’s got choices to make, which has been a bonus for us this season," he said. "The competition for places has been part of our recipe for success."

Last week, Danny Guthrie put it out in the media that he expected to keep starting even with the returns of Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote. Robert mentioned a moderate amount of concern that Danny took it to the press... and now he has done so again. He can continue telling media outlets that he thinks he should play all he wants, he won't, and he shouldn't. Also, hopefully there's a kangaroo court that is fining him a packet of crisps or something for each of these incidents.

Demba Ba has a £7m release clause

Newcastle United’s Demba Ba Has £7 Million Transfer Release Clause

Sullivan says; "This didn’t work for anyone except Demba Ba… and Newcastle. I’m told he’s got a £7m get-out at Newcastle and he gets half the money over that. They keep denying it but I think you’ll see in the summer he will leave Newcastle or he’ll get a monstrous rise to stay there. "If they get about four million, half will go to him, so if they sell him for £7m they’ll only net about three because they paid his agent £2m to get him out of here. Getting £3m is not bad, but for a player of his quality it’s not fantastic.

Now the West Ham chairman is chiming in about our no.19. Two things on this because it's really non-news at this time of year: 1) The club better be working to close up any potential loopholes in Demba's contract. He likes to be here... he seems to want to be here... just sort it. 2) If you follow the link inside this article to the longer transcript of Sullivan's comments... damn. The Ba to West Ham transfer is... bizarre.

And there you have it-- Monday's links.