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It's Three Question Thursday!

Three Question Thursday!
Three Question Thursday!

It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Three Question Thursday where you get to play make believe and give your opinion on pressing matters within the club! Here's how we play Three Question Thursday: After the jump, you will find three (3) questions. Read these questions. A little lower down, you will find the comment section - take a moment, formulate your answers and type them into the comment box. Next, push the Post button- it's that simple! Let's play the game!

  1. Which player has less of a future on Tyneside: Shola Ameobi or Gabriel Obertan? Why?
  2. Slowly but surely the pieces are falling into place for Mike Ashley's sustainable model. Do you ultimately feel that there is success in this model, not knowing what the ultimate key player retention philosophy is going to be?
  3. The Twitterz are a wonderful thing. If, hypothetically, a £6000 bill for a 12 month billboard right next to Newcastle United's ground was on offer with the subject matter to be a proclamation that the ground is St. James' Park regardless of what the signage says, would you contribute £3?