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Required derby week viewing: Part I

No time to worry about that misfortune we created for ourselves over the past weekend... it's derby week. This is the week where all the makems will crawl out of their holes and make themselves a general nuisance... it's kind of like cicadas in that they arrive, make lots of noise that's not worth hearing and then disappear as a stain of breath upon a mirror. At any rate, we've got all week to appreciate each others' company. I'm sure we'll all be fast friends by the time the match is over. In the meantime, may i repost the first piece of suggested viewing, selected to help you enjoy the minutes as they tick by heading to the Tyne-Wear derby. I'm not going to say that you should watch this every day... that is a choice for you to make. There will be more throughout the week, however... so when you're making out your viewing schedule, make sure you allow time!