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THE POST GAME (vs Arsenal)

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Hope everyone has recovered now from Monday's heart-breaker. Two points in our last four games is simply not good enough. Instead of the usual breakdown of the game and player ratings, I am going to focus this one more on your responses. Every season had its ups and downs, and while we clearly find ourselves hitting a down time, I feel that it might be a good time to ask a few questions and summarize our thoughts on the season. The tweets of course are still posted and Nile Ranger had a few interesting conversations indeed! They are definitely worth a peak.

Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments or tweet them to me @MajorToonage. You can answer one, all, or none. Next week I will share some of the trends. Thanks and enjoy the debating!

Who has been your player of the season at NUFC to date?

Is there a position that should have been addressed during the January transfer market that was not? If so . . . where?

Would you be happy with a 6th place finish for the Magpies this season?

Of the players that were rumored to be leaving during the transfer market, but stayed, who can we absolutely not afford to loose? (Of course, this is not implying that we 'CAN' afford to loose anyone) Players including Ba, Tiote, or Krul.

Given all healthy and fit, who is your ideal starting XI?

Is there anything you would like to see added to the typical "THE POST GAME" setup? (ie. Player ratings, Tweets, quotes)

Thanks everyone for any comments and interest. Next week THE POST GAME will be returning to normal!