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Newcastle United WFC and the Quest for Funding From Virgin Money


As you may recall from my long-since-past-due-for-a-follow-up post about Newcastle United WFC, the women of NUWFC play their matches far from the high glamour of the BPL and its bright lights. The ladies are completely responsible for their own monetary involvement in the club, from signing on fees to pitch rental to transportation to equipment and even kits. Though the club represents Newcastle United through an agreement with the board of Newcastle United Football Club, they are in no way involved with the main club.

NUWFC, hoping to capitalize on Virgin Money's recent association with NUFC through the club's shirt sponsorship, attempted to gain sponsorship through Virgin Money to lessen the hardship on the ladies of NUWFC to at least some extent. It came down today that the £3500 price tag that would help keep the ladies from having to purchase their own kits was too rich for the blood of Virgin Money. Follow the jump for some high- (and low-lights, for that matter) from the flurry of activity on Twitter Monday regarding the non-sponsorship and Virgin Money's reaction to the reaction.

It is quiet clear from ^AS's attitude by the end that Virgin Money feel the onus is on the people to help fund Newcastle United WFC - and so here is my request from you: If you:

  • Love all things Newcastle United,
  • Would love to mean quite a lot to a squad that is pushing for promotion, has reached the finals of the NFA Cup and are just all around top lasses AND
  • Are financially able to,

why not head over to, click on the Donate to NUWFC button on the right hand menu bar and donate what you can to try to help defray the cost of representing Newcastle United for these awesome ladies?