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CHN Tuesday Links: Lost Cause Is Lost Edition

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That's right.  James Perch is in the links, so this image makes a triumphant return!
That's right. James Perch is in the links, so this image makes a triumphant return!

When is it time to give up on a player? Rather, how many chances to do right do you think a player should get before it's time to give that player's spot to someone a little more on the straight and narrow? Newcastle United are finding themselves in need of answering just that question after Nile Ranger's latest arrest for violation of terms of his bail agreement.

This story, plus lots of player-specific news after the jump!

Newcastle United's Nile Ranger admits breaching bail conditions | Football |

The Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger appeared in court on Tuesday and admitted breaching bail conditions which banned him from the city centre. Ranger was arrested by police on Monday night outside a Tyneside casino.

This has got to be the worst case scenario for Nile Ranger's career. The terms of his bail agreement should have been extremely easy to follow: Stay out of the City Centre... and he just won't do it. I think it's time for his spot on the roster to be taken by another talented youngster who will be appreciative of the opportunity and conduct himself accordingly.

BBC Sport - Newcastle's James Perch happy with 'Mr Versatile' tag

"If I wasn't 'Mr Versatile' I don't think I would have played as many games as I have done in my career." The 26-year-old added: "I'll play left back, right back, it doesn't bother me, as long as I'm out there on a Saturday or Sunday I'm happy." "The gaffer knows I can do that, he trusts me and puts me in. "For it not being good for my career; I wouldn't be playing at Newcastle, and sixth in the league."

What do you do with a problem like James Perch. While he has the tag Mr. Versatile for his ability to line up in various positions on the pitch, let us be honest a bit. A person such as you or I can stick a pair of metal tweezers into a light socket. Just because we can does not mean that we should. I say this fully acknowledging that James Perch had perhaps his most solid performance of the year v. Norwich on Sunday. Not coincidentally, his primary responsibility was in the center of midfield with defensive responsibility. It is not an inidictment of Perch or Pardew that it has become necessary to play Perch out of position so much this season... it is of course a result of a squad that has absolutely no depth in many key positions. I'm not jumping on board the Perch Train just yet... but it is important to correctly identify any problems before making a solid decision on him.

Sylvain Marveaux could return to boost Euro push - NUFC News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

NEWCASTLE UNITED boss Alan Pardew could yet be boosted by the return of winger Sylvain Marveaux in time for the Magpies’ European push. The Frenchman had admitted last month that he may not play again this season. But the Chronicle understands that former Rennes man Marveaux is making "good progress" and may be back at the start of next month to bolster Pardew’s paper-thin squad.

I do not want to see Sylvain Marveaux rushed back just for depth. Honestly, Sylvain showed the potential to provide exactly what I hope to see every game from HBA when he is on the right wing, so I would love to see him back in. Rushing him back for the sake of getting him back on the pitch seems to be loaded with high potential for a tragic ending.

Vuckic set for chance at Newcastle after Cardiff return blocked - News - Shields Gazette

Asked if he would consider farming out Vuckic before the Football League’s loan deadline, Pardew told the Gazette: "No chance – not with the injuries we’ve got." Pardew considered sending Vuckic on late in Sunday’s 1-0 win over Norwich City, only to opt to field Dan Gosling. "He’s looked good in training, and I did think about putting him on," added Pardew. "But I thought that would’ve been a bit unfair on Dan Gosling, who’s worked hard in training and not had a chance. It was nice to see Dan on the pitch."

I don't think that there are any real ticking time bombs in this center midfield situation (Guthrie may be as close as there is, but I'm not certain he's that close to blowing up)... but it's going to be something to keep an eye on for sure as the squad moves forward. Even as we have this situation, the early rumors regarding the summer transfer window are linking us with... center midfielders.

Davide Santon has ‘character’ to succeed at Newcastle - News - Shields Gazette

"He’s only a young boy. He’s an Under-21 Italian player. He ain’t one of those without talent. He’ll learn. It’ll have done him good." Up to now, Santon, an attack-minded full-back, has looked at his best going forward, and Pardew and his staff have been working hard on the defensive part of his game.

I'm going to go ahead and say it. Davide Santon is going to be a star for this club. I tihnk that Captain Colo is a prime example of what allowing a player to scuffle some while they get their feet under them can do... Santon will be more than just fine. I think we'll see a much more confident player coming in to the 12-13 season.

‘Ashley a different class’ says Beardsley (From The Northern Echo)

But while Pardew has received plenty of plaudits, Beardsley is convinced both Ashley and managing director Derek Llambias should be also congratulated. Beardsley said: "He [Ashley] is different class, I have to say. Unfortunately, he hasn't been given the support he deserves, but now people are starting to realise the club is on an even keel and going in the right direction. "I have to say - obviously I am biased and it will always be my club - the club is going in the right direction.

Peter Beardsley is on the Ashley Bandwagon. I understand the reasons why, and I agree with most all of them. Here's the thing, though. "[H]e hasn't been given the support he deserves"... He has made his bed in relation to this. Been there, talked this out... but the main point is that Peter Beardsley is all-in with Ashley. I can see the vision of what they are trying to do... we'll just have to see how it works out long-term. It's certainly a fun ride right now!