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It's Three Question Thursday!

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Three Question Thursday!
Three Question Thursday!

It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Three Question Thursday where you get to play make believe and give your opinion on pressing matters within the club! Here's how we play Three Question Thursday: After the jump, you will find three (3) questions. Read these questions. A little lower down, you will find the comment section - take a moment, formulate your answers and type them into the comment box. Next, push the Post button- it's that simple! Let's play the game!

1. Has anyone else noticed that we appear to be chasing (primarily) African strikers, French midfielders and Dutch defenders? What does it all mean?

2. Follows a list of the remaining fixtures for our fearless Mags. Excluding the potential influence of external factors (injury, etc.), what is our ending point total, and is it enough to qualify for Europe?

West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United The Hawthorns Premier League
Apr 1 8:30 ET Newcastle United v Liverpool Sports Direct Arena Premier League
Apr 6 11:30 ET Swansea City v Newcastle United Liberty Stadium Premier League
Apr 9 10:00 ET Newcastle United v Bolton Wanderers Sports Direct Arena Premier League
Apr 14 Postp Chelsea P - P Newcastle United Stamford Bridge Premier League
Apr 21 10:00 ET Newcastle United v Stoke City Sports Direct Arena Premier League
Apr 28 10:00 ET Wigan Athletic v Newcastle United DW Stadium Premier League
May 6 9:00 ET Newcastle United v Manchester City Sports Direct Arena Premier League
May 13 10:00 ET Everton v Newcastle United Goodison Park Premier League

3. IF you are Alan Pardew and you are told you can only keep one of Cheik Tiote OR Danny Guthrie through the summer (with no guarantee that the player will not be sold on during the season), who do you keep?