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Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Match™ (an osotp joint)

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Failure Clown
Failure Clown

It started as a scratch on a long-lost note pad. As best I can recall, its roots grew from a comment from the mid-day sports talk radio host on a Kansas City radio station. Add 3 months to forget about it... 1 bottle of the ol' Broon Ale and 2 fellow CHNers, and you get this, my newest (Greatest?) offering to you, our loyal community. That's right, it's:

Monty Python's Flying Cir-Cus!

No... it's not. Truthfully, it's:

Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Match!™

This is an idea that is sort of forming itself on the the fly. At present (probably because we won on Sunday), it is a light-hearted look at an unfortunate play. That isn't to say that it won't be applied in mean spirit some day in the future... but currently, that is what it is taking shape as.

I think it is pretty easy to identify the subject matter of our first Failure Clown vote (it's a vote this time because, well, I'm still not sure who's at fault) - You know it, you love it- It's the West Brom goal from Sunday's Match! Vote below to decide who wins the inaugural FAILURE CLOWN'S GAFFE OF THE MATCH!™