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Andy Carroll Nervous About Return to St. James' Park; Who Will His Family Be Supporting?

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It will be a cracking atmosphere on Tyneside this Sunday and Carroll told The Journal: 'I don't usually get nervous but this might be a bit different.

'All of my family and friends will be there but they're so big on football I'm not sure who they'll be supporting.'

So speaks the former number 9 shirt, and this issue has seen a little discussion on the Twitters today. There are a few who are happy to play the "short memory" card in support of the player, but (in a very unscientific bit of research), it looks that the popular sentiment is that he not get the warm welcome he might hope for. That is not to say that it is going to be an intensely angry reception, merely that not many in the stands will be looking to buy him a pint after the match.

It is interesting from the quote above- "I'm not sure who they'll be supporting." I can give you a pretty good idea, sir. Deep in your Geordie heart, you should know as well. The relationship between supporters and club in Newcastle is unique. It pervades daily life and approaches familial level for many. For a Geordie, there is no decision to be made on any level about whom to support, no matter what the circumstance. You, sir, have made your bed, and you will lie in it.

At the age of 22, you were given perhaps the most famous jersey in all of world football. An iconic jersey. From your boyhood club. You had the opportunity to be a LEGEND. In hindsight, you can't fault the business done by Newcastle United Football Club as they've capitalized on a ludicrous offer from Liverpool. You can fault your eagerness to leave the club that you were given by birth right. As such, I do not feel you can be surprised at the reactions you will see on Sunday.

When kickoff happens early on April 1, I would expect that the Carroll family will be watching. They will certainly be keeping an eye on and supporting family. I'll wager that it's their black-and-white family, though.