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IT'S ... Three Question Thursday! Questions on Sunday, Centre-Halves and Summer Tour. Get In.

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It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Three Question Thursday where you get to play make believe and give your opinion on pressing matters within the club! Here's how we play Three Question Thursday: After the jump, you will find three (3) questions. Read these questions. A little lower down, you will find the comment section - take a moment, formulate your answers and type them into the comment box. Next, push the Post button- it's that simple! Let's play the game!


  1. The former no.9 shirt is set to return to St. James' Park this weekend. Will you a) Boo him; b) cheer him for his contributions to the promotion season and the first half of last year or c) Boo him but not as much as I boo Jose Enrique?
  2. Newcastle United, needing a centre-half desperately, continue to be primarily connected with central midfielders. (Granted that we are connected with Douglas and Erik Pieters... but I bet we could list off at least 5 center mids that we're purported to be pursuing.) Do you have confidence that the problems in the squad which were visible last summer and through January will be addressed over the summer?
  3. Where would you rather see Newcastle United go on preseason tour? A) Australia; B) Japan; C) South Korea; D) United States; E) Mainland Europe (I've seen France bandied about as a potential destination...)?
Some open questions by design... let's get some good ideas flowing here, ladies and gents.