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It's Three Question Thursday!

Three Question Thursday!
Three Question Thursday!

It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Three Question Thursday where you get to play make believe and give your opinion on pressing matters within the club! Here's how we play Three Question Thursday: After the jump, you will find three (3) questions. Read these questions. A little lower down, you will find the comment section - take a moment, formulate your answers and type them into the comment box. Next, push the Post button- it's that simple! Let's play the game!

1. What is your name?

2. What is your quest?

... what? These questions have already been done somewhere? Hm. Never mind then.

The real questions!

1. He had to show up again, didn't he? After a series of performances where Shola looked disinterested and lazy (which may or may not be attributable to injury and illness, it turns out), Shola did what Shola does-- scored against the makems. How much goodwill does this earn him relative to his continued position in the squad?

2. I'm dumb with math and numbers and such, so someone please explain this to me: We won the first derby at the Stadium of Shite. In my understanding, that gives us three points. We drew the second derby thanks to the Makem-Slayer. That gives us one point. With four total points this gives us (in my limited understanding of math) all claims to top-dog status in the northeast. Yet the makems are out there bleating that they are the "top dogs" (their words... I thought they were black cats, anyway?) Help me out- how does that work?

3. Aresenal looks to have things much more sorted out than when we played them in the first match of the season. How much positivity do you bring to the match at the Emirates?