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Failure Clown's Gaffe of the Week!

Failure Clown
Failure Clown

Failure Clown loves football. I mean... as much as Failure Clown can love anything besides failure. There have been a number of matches that have started and finished since the last Failure Clown award, but in the least surprising award yet, Failure Clown feels compelled to acknowledge (yet again!) the efforts of the aptly named Liverplol Football Club for special achievement in the field of failure.

Sadly, this time around it is not possible to recognize the Benign Ponytail for his achievements... the Liverplol goalkeeping department have done their level best to make sure that they didn't get overlooked by Failure Clown.. now it is just a question of WHICH goalkeeper Failure Clown will choose to recognize. I don't think that you're going to be too surprised when you take the jump, but Failure Clown must recognize failure real proper like.

And now, Failure Clown presents his Gaffe of the Week! (Special mention goes to Manchester United for losing 1-0 to Wigan... but still. This one was pretty clear) Cheers, Adam Jones!