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Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Week Goes Interactive!

Failure Clown
Failure Clown

Ohhhh, boy it's been a bumper weekend. I don't know if it's because I dramatically increased my consumption of football or whether it was just that kind of weekend, but in celebration of the occasion, there will be a slight twist from Failure Clown today! There were three (!) very excellent instances of failure that caught Failure Clown's eye, so we're going interactive! Following the jump, you will find the contenders and a poll in which you can help decide Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Week™!

Candidate #1: Martin Atkinson's Award Of A Phantom Goal In The FA Cup Semi-Final

This one had the Twitters on fire for sure today.

Contender #2: AZ Goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado v. PSV

This is a highlight clip of the entire match... but the part that is concerned happens first thing (about :08 or so)

Not nearly as many eyes on this one... but woof.

Candidate #3: Ashley Young Doing What He Does



(Looks like you may have to click on the pic to animate it)

Umm... Yeah.