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Failure Clown Recognizes The Benign Ponytail For Efforts Above And Beyond

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Failure Clown
Failure Clown

It was in the 10th minute of play during the match between Newcastle United and Liverpool that it was all there for The Benign Ponytail. He was one-on-one with Tim Krul with a chance to do it all. A chance to shut the mouths of every Newcastle fan who said he left for the money or never loved the club. It may be true, but he could show them! A chance to shut the mouth of every Liverpool fan by setting the club on the road to reeling in the reviled Magpies and restoring The Natural Order of Things (in which Liverpool are always always always above Newcastle in the league standings). He advanced on Krul and had him well and truly beaten. . . and then something inexplicable happened. A chance that, in a black and white shirt, would have been buried by the lad from Gateshead went terribly terribly wrong. . . and Failure Clown was there. Failure Clown appreciated. Failure Clown brings you his Gaffe Of The Match! View it after the jump!