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Relive the Stoke Match Here- Taking Care Of Business And Europe May Be Assured Tomorrow

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Edited to replace the old video. This one is much, much better quality and includes post-match from Yohan Cabaye and studio breakdown of Cabaye's day by Alan Shearer. Worth watching! --OSotP

What a day! What a season! If your love for this club isn't stronger today than it's ever been... well... there may not be hope for you*. The dust has settled on the Saturday fixtures and I'm proud to report that, with 4 matches left in the Premier League season (3 if you're Arsenal), Newcastle sit ALONE in 4th place, 3 points behind Arsenal for third. As a little touchstone, let's take a brief second to remember that Newcastle were 11 points behind Tottenham Hotspur following Spurs' annihilation of the Magpies on the 11th of February. As it sits now, Newcastle United will lock up a spot in Europe if Everton take anything less than the full 3 points from their match with Manchester United tomorrow... a bit anti-climactic that it is likely to happen when Newcastle are not involved... but qualification beggars can't be choosers, right?

As we've talked out in some of the comments threads today, it is tremendous to see Newcastle handling squads that they should handle in the businesslike manner in which they are. You have to think that previous editions of Necastle United might have had a bit of a struggle against the likes of Stoke today... but this squad... this BEAUTIFUL squad went out and kept Stoke out of it from the word go. The full highlights video is not up yet, but I can provide to you video of each of the goals from today's match and a clip from Alan Pardew's post-match presser... so take the jump and relive a most excellent day in a most excellent season!

This is a much better and more complete clip- all the goals and much much more commentary including words from Yohan Cabaye and Alan Shearer!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!