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Europe Watch 2012™

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If one of the following describe your current situation, you are in the right place. If:

  • You are up specifically to watch the Manchester United v. Everton match simply for it's implications on Newcastle United's European Qualfication or
  • You are up because your significant other is on Emergency rotation in vet school and set an alarm to go back in for treatment which woke you up (which was ok anyway because you really had done the first option anyway)
  • {fill in your own explanation here}
then you have come to the right place. 90 minutes of Premier League action from now, Newcastle United could lock up what would have been unthinkable to most prior to the start of the season... and they don't even have to play. Let's dig in, have a cuppa and watch as other clubs decide Newcastle's fate for the second time in three years... but this time on the good side. Live therad action.... GO!