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Dear Europe, We'll See You In The Fall - Regards, Newcastle United

For the second time in a handful of weeks, Newcastle United's Improbable Quest for Europe was in position to be influenced by the result of an Everton match, and Everton eventually were unable to delay the inevitable. Needing 5 wins in their last 5 to have a shot at denying the Magpies' European football dreams, it was always going to be a long shot. It will not be Newcastle United's spot in Europe that Everton will be looking the poach in the last month of the Premier League season now.

All credit to Everton, they took the fight right to Manchester United, refusing to fold when the Red Devils opened up two goal leads at 3-1 and 4-2 coming back to 4-4 and looking to dent the red half of Manchester's title aspirations in a wildly entertaining match, but in the end, they would come up 1 goal short of the result that would temporarily deny Newcastle what they have been thirsting for since it became clear that this squad was not going to fade and "slide down the table" as the pundits wanted.

For the first time in 5 years (and the first qualification through league placement since 2004-05), the Mighty Magpies will return to the bright lights of UEFA competition. There are four matches left for Newcastle to exert control over exactly which competition that is going to be, but we do know for sure 100% mathematically, Newcastle United are going to be in one or the other. Consider this your celebration thread.