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THE POST GAME (vs. Stoke)

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Cabaye with two goals and an assist to Cisse for a third, an appearance by the mighty closer, Big Smooth (some call him SHOLA!!!), and we even got to see Ben Arfa wow us with some fancy foot work. After the Spurs pitiful appearance, we now sit in fourth. With a tough group of fixtures left and being so close in points to everyone else vying for fourth, I still don't think we can be considered favorites to take the spot but it is a little hard to fight off the excitement. Wigan did loose to Fulham, which makes our form a little less intimidating (lets face it, beating Arsenal and Manchester United turned heads). I am going to try to relax, breath, and enjoy the ride. Who would have thought six months ago that we would be fighting for fourth at this point in the season.

This week we've got quotes and some player tweets, so please enjoy!

Alan Pardew

"We are in a terrific position. The stadium is full up of 54,000 absolutely loving it. We are playing some fantastic football. The most important thing now is to keep it going. There is a great camaraderie in the the team. There is a great spirit in the city and in the dressing room. From mike ashley down, everyone can be proud of the jobs they are doing."

Yohan Cabaye

"The first half we played well. The second half we didn't do the same as against wolves. We wanted to score the third goal to be more relaxed. I think we played well today and we deserved the victory."