CHN Predictions League, Final Game: Newcastle United vs. Everton

Hello All!

I was able to finish work and come back so I decided to post the last predictions league thread. Newcastle has to win this tough last game of the season to have any hope of playing in the Champions League. As I am sure most of you are aware, we will pass Arsenal only if it loses and we win. We also can pass Tottenham if they draw or lose and we win. Hopefully Arsenal loses and Tottenham loses so that we are guaranteed 3rd place and a place in the Champions League. I predict a 3-1 win for Newcastle, Cisse, HBA, Guti, Jelavic. The Magpiedamus title is at stake. Good luck to all!


  • Before the game, predict the winner (or you can predict a draw), the final score, and goalscorers. The deadline will be 5 minutes before kick-off (1325 BST on Sunday).
  • Predicting the outcome correctly will give you 1 point.
  • Predicting the exact score will give you 5 points. Failing to predict the exact score but getting the total number of goals correct will give you 1 point, as will predicting one half of the score. If you predict a total of 6 goals or more, you are ineligible to receive points for predicting the correct goalscorers (see below). However, if 6 goals or more are actually scored, the ineligibility will be lifted. This rule is designed to prevent people from predicting an abnormally high score in order to better their chances of earning the bonus for predicting the scorers.
  • For each goal scorer you pick correctly, you earn 2 points. You may not pick more scorers than you did goals in order to hedge your bets. (In other words, if you predict a 1-0 score, you can only choose one scorer.)

This week's table after the jump.

New Table

Rockets4LIFE – 61 points
Other Side of the Pillow – 47
Robert L. Bishop – 46
BetterDeadThanRed – 38
bcschles – 37
wuds100 – 33
lowellthehammer – 24
johnjmurphy17 – 24
51dimes – 19
RealDealNeal – 13
MychalShannon1 – 12
Pradajames – 12
johnjahafanclub – 12
Coldson – 9
Ricoz – 8
shuddertothink – 5
sniperinthemist – 2

mjtig – 0

Hopefully NUFC gets 3rd place! You never know!

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