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Encouraging Words From Alan Pardew Regarding The Transfer Window

Howay, Alan!
Howay, Alan!

Pardew said: "I know we can sign two or three players and keep all the players we have. I know we can do that. I think we will be stronger.
"And if we do lose a marquee player to a really inflated price – an Andy Carroll price – then we have got to trust our judgement and go into the market place and bring in an equivalent, and I think Mike is quite comfortable with that.

This is a quote from the latest story from the Mirror's Brian McNally. If I said that truth behind this statement would make the most pessimistic Toon supporter at least register a flutter on the excitement meter, I think I would be accurate at least. Three players in without further sale would surely enable us to plug the evident gaps that exist in the current squad (although it would pose some interesting problems... say if Debuchy arrives and Simpson stays) and four would be amazing. Of course, this all likely means we'll end up with two players in between now and the end of the window... but we shall see. Pardew has spoken.