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CHN Poll: Which Of These Dozen Goals Was Your Favorite Goal Of 2011-12 For Newcastle United?

Historically, the trademark of Newcastle United has been built upon the principles of attacking football. It is no wonder, then, that last season will be remembered with fondness by all supporters of the club. Not just because it marked Newcastle United's return to European competition, but because of the manner in which it was accomplished. It was the quintessential year for the Magpies - beautiful attacking play paired with occasional defensive breakdowns (although to be fair, the defense was not as poor as it may have been in other famous years). Predictably, 3 of the top 10 goals of the year (at least according to SkySports) came from United players.

Following the jump I have linked 11 videos of 12 goals (one video features two nominations) that I believe are the finest dozen goals of the 2011-12 season for Newcastle. Fair warning: you may want to have your volume control handy as a couple of the videos get a bit loud as they were videoed from the stands. Without further delay, let's get to the voting: Your goal of the year for Newcastle United!

Cisse 1 v. Stoke City

Cabaye v. Manchester United

Ryan Taylor v. Everton

Demba Ba 1 v. Manchester United

Ben Arfa 1 v. Blackburn Rovers, Jonas Gutierrez 1 v. Blackburn Rovers

Ben Arfa 2 v. Bolton

Leon Best v. Fulham

Demba Ba 2 v. West Bromwich Albion

Cisse 2 v. Chelsea

Cisse 3 v. Chelsea

Jonas Gutierrez 2 v. Wolves