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Newcastle United Europa League Playoff Fixtures Confirmed

Show them how you feel, Alan.
Show them how you feel, Alan.

The club have announced through their official website what we all knew would be announced regarding the very early fixture congestion that we were facing. There will be no relief for Newcastle with regard to a long road trip in between our first two league matches v. Spurs and Chelsea. Of course there won't because Newcastle United. Thank you, UEFA. Thank you, Premier League.

Alan Pardew has said that his priority this year is going to be league placement, so it's a far bet that our 1A team is going to get an early run-out in Athens on August 23rd. If there is any positive in this, it is that there is perhaps a long enough break between the match on the 25th v. Chelsea and the match on September 2nd v. Villa that if we find ourselves in a bit of a hole after the Greek leg of the play-off, we could potentially throw a full-strength squad at Atromitos at St. James' Park (August 30th) to try to salvage the European Adventure. One thing is certain, however - we are going to get a very early look at exactly where our expectations should be with regard to Europe and Cup competitions this season.