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Predictions League Round 2: Atromitos vs. Newcastle United

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The Predictions League rolls on with a special Thursday edition as Newcastle return to Europe for the first time in 87 years (that may be an exaggeration). Here's how to play:

  • Before each Newcastle United match, predict the match winner (you may of course select "draw"), final score, and who the goal scorers will be. Also, make a choice on the prop bet (see below).
  • Deadline is five minutes before kickoff.

Points are assigned as follows:

  • Correct winner = 2 points
  • Correct score = 5 points (so correct score + correct winner = 7 total points)
  • 1/2 of correct score = 1 point
  • Predict total # of goals correctly = 1 point
  • Each goalscorer predicted correctly = 4 points
  • Each goalscorer predicted incorrectly = -1 point

A clarification on the last part: You don't lose points for failing to predict that Jonas Gutierrez would score in a given week. However, choosing Papiss Cisse will result in loss of a point if he fails to score. Your total score may not dip below 0 in any given week.

The outright winner of each round will get a point added to their total in the table. In addition, they will have the opportunity to influence the game for the following round by creating a prop bet, worth 1 point. The bet may deal with anything on or off the pitch, as long as it is empirically verifiable and relevant to the match in question. Last week's winners were bigc4277 and Rockets4LIFE, and Rockets deferred to bigc, who created this week's prop bet:

Over/Under 4.5 total goals

The next game will be Saturday's match against Chelsea.

Table following the jump. Don't know any of the Atromitos players? Check out our match preview.


Rockets4LIFE – 14
bigc4277 – 14
MychalShannon1 – 10
ForeignFlopper – 9
Coldson – 8
Robert L. Bishop – 8
Pradajames – 7
51dimes – 7
aa9 – 4
colligan – 4
Other Side of the Pillow – 3
PhillyBuckey12 – 2
mjtig – 2
wuds100 – 1
lowellthehammer – 0
bcschles – 0
LIsPeacock – 0