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Pardew: NUFC Transfer Business Done

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Alan Pardew held a press conference earlier today, telling the assembled journalists that he believes Newcastle will not add or subtract any players before the transfer window shuts:

I am hoping our business is done. I don't think anyone will come in or go out. But you never know at this football club...The targets we have are impossible today. We'll go with what we've got.

Source: Lee Ryder

This, despite obvious need for cover at center back and rumors that they will pursue said cover even harder after Ryan Taylor's injury Thursday against Atromitos. It's possible that Pardew is simply trying to keep transfer fees at a reasonable level. If he is telling the truth and nothing gets done today, NUFC's transfer business will be seen both a significant win (no major departures) and a signicant loss (#AllTransfersAWindowLate). With Europa group play looming, depth at all positions would have been preferable, but retaining all of the players that got them there will be a nice consolation.