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Ryan Taylor Ruled Out "For Months"

Huge loss for Toon
Huge loss for Toon

Sky Sports have just confirmed what I think several of us were afraid of. Ryan Taylor has suffered "serious cruciate damage" in his knee during the match v. Atromitos yesterday. It always looked really bad when you saw it live or on replay, and now our worst fears are confirmed. Fortunately, we're still firmly within the Transfer Window, right? RIGHT?!!

Not only is Ryan a big miss due to his versatility, he was part of the depth on a paper-thin defensive line that Mike Ashley and Company have failed to deal with during any of the last three transfer windows. I'm not even going to pretend not to be bitter here. There was a visible shortage across the back line. We have refused to proactively act to prevent potential disaster, and now we are staring the same disaster straight in the eyes. 4 hours left- hopefully there was an iron in the fire that we can push through... otherwise, we're severely shorthanded for a very demanding season.