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Please Welcome Our New Social Media Manager

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Earlier this week, we hinted at some major changes coming soon at CHN by unveiling our spiffy new logo. Today, it is my pleasure to formally announce a change that we have already made - the implementation of a new social media strategy. If you follow our Facebook page (and if not, why not?), you may have noticed an uptick in posts over the last several weeks. If you did notice, you now know who to thank: our new Social Media Manager, known to you as frequent commenter Rockets4LIFE.

Rockets will continue to do a bang-up job on Facebook and will also be a moderator on the main site now. If you're on Facebook and/or Twitter, why not give us a like and a follow? In the past we've used both as not much more than an RSS feed, but we're now really trying to be purposeful in treating each as their own entity - just another hub for the best discussion about Newcastle United that you can find on the internet.

Please join me in officially welcoming Rockets4LIFE to the team.