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More Than 20 Years After The Fact, Report Reveals Mistakes Were Made At Hillsborough

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Prime Minister David Cameron has addressed the House of Commons upon the occasion of an independent, definitive report being published with regard to the Hillsborough disaster. 96 Liverpool supporters were crushed or smothered to death in the infamous incident at the stadium in Sheffield, a tragedy that police have maintained for more than 20 years was caused by drunken supporters. The incident was the impetus for sweeping stadium reforms across Europe. Finally, the "drunken supporter" blame has been truly and definitively removed as the official explanation of the tragedy.

Today the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Reverend James Jones, is publishing the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

The disaster at the Hillsborough football stadium on 15th April 1989 was one of the greatest peacetime tragedies of the last century.

Ninety-six people died as a result of a crush in the Leppings Lane Terrace at the FA Cup Semi-Final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

There was a public Inquiry at the time by Lord Justice Taylor which found – and I quote – that the main cause of the disaster was "a failure of police control."

I can only imagine the pain that the families of the 96 victims of Hillsborough have been through, and can only assume that the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel will not be met with celebration from the families involved. Although the knowledge that is contained in the report will re-open wounds of 20 years and more, hopefully those involved will be able to rest more peacefully knowing that the tragedy is no longer primarily placed squarely on the shoulders of the supporters who had traveled to Hillsborough to see Liverpool play Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup Semifinal.

I feel it would be disingenuous for me to say a lot more, so I would like to submit this link, where you can find the complete remarks of David Cameron to the House of Commons as well as a number of other links- the page (via ITV) includes extensive coverage of several facets of the story as well as video of Prime Minister Cameron's address.