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Newcastle Player Interview: Bradden Inman Speaks With Australian Outlet

Bradden Inman was one of the very few players that survived the Great Academy Purge of January 2011. The 21 year od Scots-Austrailan attacking midfielder had long been in the eye of Newcastle United and finally joined the Academy setup at age 15 when his parents finally felt that he was prepared enough to leave Australia. This video discusses his discovery by Newcastle, his career trajectory, his loan move to Crewe Alexandria and his future international loyalty. The fact that he survived the purge that saw so many "promising youngsters" such as GK Ole Soderberg, D Tamas Kadar, CF Dan Taylor and many others told they were no longer part of the club's plans speaks volumes about how he is regarded by Peter Beardsley and the rest of the Academy brass. It is interesting to hear him talk about the decisions he was faced with in making the decision to take the loan move to Crewe- I kind of wish that they'd followed up by asking if he regretted picking one potential path over the other.