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Newcastle United Transfers: Rémy to QPR Because Of Course And Harry Redknapp

Feeling about Loïc Rémy have been mixed, but now it doesn't seem to matter.

Mike Hewitt

It was bound to happen because Newcastle United. After reports that Newcastle United and l'OM had agreed a fee for France international Loïc Rémy and the player was reportedly on the way to Newcastle to discuss personal terms (and JOEY BARTON SAID SO SO IT HAD TO BE TRUE!??!), it now looks like good ol' Harry Redknapp has doe it to Newcastle again, although the prize in this particular dalliance is not Demba Ba.

Reports are that, after not wanting to even grant 'arry an audience at all to discuss a potential move to Loftus Road and QPR, Loïc (££) has somehow (£££) found a place in his heart (£££££) to not just consider QPR but to in fact sign (££££££££) for the club and manager which he would not even give the time of the day mid-week. What on earth (££££££££££££££££££££££££££) could change a player's mind (£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££) so drastically? (£)

It's not necessarily our place to figure out exactly how QPR are going to be able to pay Rémy a rumored salary upwards of £90,000/week. It is our place to now react with (choose from: indignant rage, resignation, relief) that we will not be breaking the bank on a player that is somewhat out of form, reportedly has character issues a bit and is looking to cash in on this contract, apparently. Granted, Newcastle is not the peach proposition it would have been last January... but still. QPR? Good for you, 'arry. We've got Le Pois Grand on speed dial already.