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Fabricio Coloccini To At Least Finish Season With Newcastle

I feel like I should request a picture of Colo holding the jersey... you know, since it's January and that's how things become real.

Naked Colo!!!
Naked Colo!!!
Chris Brunskill

One of the most bizarre transfer sagas that I can recall (which is saying something, seeing as how transfer sagas can go pretty weirdly) appears to be over. Lee Ryder at The Chronicle has published a very very short but official bit reporting that San Lorenzo has "thrown in the towel" in their pursuit of Fabricio Coloccini. Let's relive in very short form the way this one played out.

  1. Coloccini develops some manner of "personal issues". These were at various times speculated to be infidelity, "children failing to settle in to school (4 years later)" among other reasons.
  2. Dad Coloccini, who happens to work in the youth setup at San Lorenzo, says Colo would like to return to Argentina, specifically to San Lorenzo.
  3. San Lorenzo says that they would only be able to complete the transfer of Coloccini if Newcastle were to cancel his shiny new 4-year contract signed at the end of last season.
  4. San Lorenzo (the interested club) give Newcastle United (the club contracting the player) a deadline to respond to their interest.
  5. Meetings with player, representatives and whomever all else (save, it seems, Dad Coloccini which is odd as he's been involved in every other part of this story) happen and ultimately,
  6. San Lorenzo "throws in the towel.

At the very least, this seems to indicate that Captain Colo will at least see out this year. Combined with the arrival of Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and the return of Steven Taylor from injury, it makes you feel at least a tiny bit decent that Newcastle may be able to get things sorted out defensively just in the nick of time.

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