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Newcastle - Aston Villa Match Thread Roll Call

An entirely self-serving post. Catch our next match thread on 2-2.

Ian Walton

Tuesday we had a great day at CHN. It was one of the more intense game threads that I can remember. Certainly we were helped by the tense situation on the pitch, but I know that I had a lot of fun interacting with people while watching the match. I'm not sure if 611 comments on one thread is a record for us, but it's got to be close. Here are the stats:

Total comments 611
Total commenters 15
Commenter list Edward F., Infinity Is An Axiom, MychalShannon1, PhillyBuckeye12, Pradajames, Robert L. Bishop, Rockets4LIFE, Schultzy, SonicRover, _trey_, bcschles, chris.tyler1, jim-mcmeachin, johnjahafanclub, lowellthehammer

1 Rockets4LIFE 156
2 Robert L. Bishop 100
3 bcschles 84
4 jim-mcmeachin 70
5 lowellthehammer 69
6 chris.tyler1 32
7 SonicRover 17
8 _trey_ 16
9 MychalShannon1 16
10 Infinity Is An Axiom 15
11 Edward F. 12
12 johnjahafanclub 12
13 Schultzy 6
14 Pradajames 5
15 PhillyBuckeye12 1

You win, Rockets. You always do.

Be sure to catch our next game thread on 2 February when Newcastle host Chelsea.