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Toon Midfielder Heads North Of The Border

The loan of Mehdi Abeid itself isn't surprising in and of itself, but his destination might be.

Alan approves of your loan move, Mehdi
Alan approves of your loan move, Mehdi
Ian Walton

Mehdi Abeid has finally accepted a loan move - a decision that should at least bring some small manner of happiness to boss Alan Pardew. Truly, it would have brought him much more happiness if Mehdi had accepted a loan at any of the other times that Pardew suggested it might be a good thing. With the continued failure of Abeid and other young players to grab any of the opportunities given to them prior to the squad strengthening, it was pretty well known that it was a "go on loan or rot" kind of situation.

St. Johnstone is sixth out of twelve teams in the Scottish Premier League - while it is not considered to be the most competitive league, the hope is that Mehdi will get some consistent playing time which he can use to springboard back onto the path his career was traveling prior to losing his way somewhat over the last year.

Loans will not have to be wrapped up today - there is an emergency loan window that will open in a couple of days, but there are more players that Newcastle will be hoping to get out on loan (Sammy Ameobi, I'm looking at you), so we'll keep an eye out for any further announcements.