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PODCAST: Episode 19 of Coming Home Podcastle Is Here

We're back in the saddle after the international break - Episode 19 of CHP is here for your ears!

Stu Forster

Much like Alan Pardew, we at Coming Home Newcastle are talking again.  I know that you are now bristling with unbridled excitement!  An apparent twitter beef caused a CHP first - you are welcome to register your feelings regarding Whataburger and its relative merits in the comments below!

In news not related to fast food hamburgers, Alan and I talk through the Goals on Sunday interview given by Alan Pardew, talk about players' successes on the international stage, players being ruled out for Liverpool, Loïc Rémy and his long term future (or not) with Newcastle United.  We also bring Bafe Gomis back into the conversation to a certain degree - if only to illustrate a point about the Mike Ashley School Of Football Club Ownership And Management™.  Our 19th effort (75 minutes) rounds out with a discussion of our chances against Liverpool this weekend.. suffice it to say that optimism is not running rampant.  It's here for your ears: